Simple Couponing Tips to Quickly Save $

Saving Money with Coupons | How to Save on Grocery Trips
One of the biggest ways I save money is with couponing. I'm not an extreme couponer by any means, but my goal is to save more than my total payment. Typically, at the bottom of grocery receipts, there is a place where they tell you how much you saved. When that amount is more than my total bill, I call that a win!
A lot of times, I hear that couponing just takes too long and requires a lot of effort. That certainly can be true, but there are some short cuts you can take to cut down on both.
Simple Couponing Tips | Quickly Save Money with Coupons | Couponing Strategies to Save Time

Couponing Made Simple

If you are looking for strategies to be an extreme couponer, you are in the wrong place. I'm good at saving money with coupons, but I probably won't be able to help you enough to walk out the door with a cart full of groceries plus some extra money. What I can do is help you find ways to shave off money from your typical grocery bill.

Getting Organized to Coupon

To get started, you have to find sources for coupons. There are many different places you can check:

  • The local newspaper ~ See if you can get free ones. examples: from relatives, neighbors, someone who has access to extras
  • Store coupons on flyers or in their ads. These are great, because you can "stack" them with manufacture coupons to save even more.
  • Computer ~ Typically, every coupon can be printed twice. Once you print it the first time, go back to where you found it to print again.
  • Blinkies ~ In stores on the aisles.
  • Catalinas ~ Print out when you check out at the register separate from your receipt. examples: Kroger, Target
  • Backs of receipts
  • Join brands' websites, newsletters, facebook pages, etc. to gain access to or have them send coupons.

Find a way to organize all of the coupons you find. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Coupon Binder: Clip your coupons and organize them by categories. Use baseball card pages to put your coupons in. I suggest a binder that zips closed just in case the coupons fall out.
  • Accordion File: You can separate your coupons by type. There is Smart Source, Red Plum, P&G, and other store flyers you might find. Once you separate them by type, organize them by date. This will make more sense when you get down to strategies for finding deals.

Putting the Coupons to Work

The biggest time saver I have found in couponing is using sites that do the couponing for you! Some can be store specific, while others cover many stores. They list out the sale items and tell you where to find coupons that apply to that same item. This allows you to quickly find the coupons. Above, I mentioned arranging your coupon flyers by date, and this is why. It makes it easier to find the flyer the coupon is in.

I have been obsessed with The Krazy Coupon Lady lately. In addition to finding you some great deals, some of the sites even tell you when the items are at such a low price that you should stock up and get as many as possible.

Here are a few that I use. You will definitely find ones that you like better than others, so try them out until you find the best fit for you.

Time to Save

Even if you can only put a few minutes towards couponing, you can save a little bit of money. Every little bit makes a difference! Sometimes, I only have time to look at the free products I could get on Krazy Coupon Lady, and that's what I do. Be proud of what you can do instead of concentrating on what you don't have time to do. In addition to couponing, you can also use rebate apps as you shop, which I will share all about in an upcoming post. So if you try couponing and find it's not for you, there are still other options to save money.

Share some of your success stories in the comments. I love to hear from you!


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