Yard Sale Finds ~ Show and Tell #2

Yard Sale Finds

Family Tradition

Show and tell is something our family has always done to share our yard sale finds or thrift store purchases. We get to show off our great deals! I hope you enjoy our tradition, too.

We are in Fairhope visiting my grandparents, so we got to experience a different variety of yard sales. My parents and I ended up over in a town called Daphne, because they were having a lot of neighborhood yard sales this weekend.

Here are our yard sale finds from today:

  • Gardening wagon in great condition $10
  • Mom found a bunch of baby clothes for my nephew, including an adorable Halloween and Thanksgiving outfit.
  • She also got him two loveys (50¢) and a push along mower that blows bubbles (75¢).
  • Kid size North Face jacket $5
  • Old ladder $5
  • Dolly $3
  • Bungee cords $1
  • Set of old wrenches 10¢ each
  • 3 bowling balls $5 for all 🙂
  • Decorating orbs $3 for the box (They usually ask at least $3 for individuals!)
  • 2 fishing nets 50¢ each
  • Fish tank with filter and light $3
  • Rectangular prism-shaped yardstick 50¢
  • Vintage Sorry game 50¢

Our task for today is to figure out how we’re going to fit all of this in the car for the drive home along with 3 adults, our luggage, 4 little dogs, and the other thrift store finds I haven’t shared with you yet. Wish us luck!!

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