Yard Sale Finds ~ Show and Tell #1

Family Tradition

Show and tell is something our family has always done to share our yard sale finds or thrift store purchases. We get to show off our great deals! I hope you enjoy our tradition, too.

Today, Brady had a soccer game at 8:30, so we weren’t able to go to many yard sales. It didn’t really matter, because everything we found was from one place.

Here are our yard sale finds from today:

  • Brady's Yard Sale FindA game table. I forget the name of the game. I have been looking for one of these to hang on a wall somewhere in our house. I’m not quite sure where yet, but it was a good deal.
  • A set of canisters. I have a set from my grandma, but these are in such great shape. My mom is now thinking of switching hers out. This is why we can have a shop… we’re constantly changing things up!
  • A green phone that hangs on the wall. This one’s for mom; I wonder if she’ll really use it.
  • A child’s Tupperware set of stencils. Brady will get some use out of this.
  • Brady also got a journal for free just because he’s so darn cute!

This was a good lesson in why we don’t always do drive-bys. From the road, it didn’t look like this place had much, but they had a lot in their garage. If they have stuff in the garage that you can’t see, it’s always worth a quick look.

What did you find this week?


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