Create a Beautiful Painted Table Set

Paint Table and Chairs

I received a set of table and chairs for our front patio. They needed some work, so I waited for inspiration to hit. Eventually, I found the same exact set in a magazine, and they painted the individual slats with different colors. It was beautiful!

Table and Chairs before Painting

The plan was in place, but I also needed to get all of the different colors of paint. As I mentioned in the post about our front door, my grandparents happened to pick up a box of sample paints at a yard sale and offered them to me. Everything I needed was coming together.

Prepping Chairs
Jax helped me prep!

Time for the Makeover

  • I sanded and wiped everything down. The many nooks and crannies took some patience, but it was worth it in the end.
  • I started with the same color from the front door as the main color of the set. This was the color that went on the base and outline of the table. I used it for all of the chairs, except the slats in the middle and on the seat area.
  • Then, I chose colors that coordinated to use on the slats. I ended up with four colors, because that’s what was available in the box of paints I used. You can incorporate a few more colors, and it will still look good.
  • I did one color at a time on the slats to keep things simple and counted out the pattern. In order to save some time from taping for clean lines, I used a cardboard piece to put in between the slats to block paint from getting on the different colors.
Painted Table Set
The set is now a wonderful addition to the front that adds a splash of color and helps tie the look altogether.
Front Entrance with Painted Table Set
What pieces have you been inspired to update? Please feel free to leave a link in the comments. I would love to see your projects!


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