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This blog has been a place where I've shared strategies from our family about saving money and being organized. If you follow, you've probably noticed I haven't been posting in a while. Since I started working full time again, I haven't felt like I've been doing either successfully, so how could I share with you. I'm starting to make it, though! One way I can achieve my goals is to stop worrying about the whole picture and share my journey of organizing my chaos with you. My hope is to inspire you to keep trying no matter where you are in the process and maybe gain some inspiration from you through your comments and emails.


Organizing the Chaos

I've thought a lot about how I'm going to turn things around and feel like I'm at least treading water again. There are many things on my list to achieve, so that's exactly where I started. With a list.

Sometimes it just feels so good to get everything out. Creating a list of all the things I wanted back under control was a great starting point. It let me look at our family's life and decide what needs a little help or has spun out of control. When I make lists, I write down everything I can think of. It's almost therapeutic to get it all out there!


Where to Start

My list included a little bit of everything, from running our household, money, organizing with a planner, and even to starting back up with Peppers Pickins. For your list, you can add anything you think of. Remember, this is just a list to get everything out of your head and onto paper.

Then, you have to decide what to do with that list. For a while, I was overwhelmed and didn't really do much. Then I thought back to when I used Fly Lady, and her first step was always to shine your sink. So I started with our kitchen. Maybe if I could keep that semi-clean, it would help me feel like I have control of at least one part of the house. It doesn't always stay clean, and a lot is done by my husband (who has the summer off as a teacher), but it was a starting point.

Everyone works differently. Sometimes having a simple written checklist is the most effective motivator for me. But electronics now play such a huge part in our lives, and it can be very convenient to have your list anywhere you go. Here are a few recommendations for FREE apps if you are interested in trying them out:


Get Going!

Getting back on track can be done! Figure out what your goals are. Write them all down. Then, decide where to start by finding an organizing tool that works for you. Keep working at it until you feel more in control of your first goal, but don't let it consume you. Just continue doing the best that you can to gain back control over your chaos... Even if it is just keeping dishes out of the sink.

Please share any inspiration you have, tips that might help others, or organizing sites you've used and love in the comments below!!


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