Glow Stick Valentines: Step-by-Step Directions

Glow Stick Valentines | Step-by-Step Instructions | Easy Valentine for Kids

I've been looking through old posts of Valentines that we have made in the past. Glow stick valentines were one of the first kinds we made, instead of using store bought ones. Jackson was in preschool and at the age where he could help assemble them. They were easy, yet cute!

I wanted to find something that didn't involve food due to some allergies in the class. Then, Jackson could give something that everyone might enjoy.

It's easy to find glow sticks that won't cost much. The Dollar Tree carries them in most stores for many different occasions. If you're really planning ahead, you can also stock up on them during sales after Halloween.

Directions for Glow Stick Valentines

  1. Cut hearts from construction paper.  I did the old-fashioned fold in half, then cut.  To make it easier and to make the hearts about the same size, I cut the construction paper to 6 x 4 1/2.
  2. Punch holes on either side of the hearts.
  3. Add saying.
  4. I had Jackson sign the back, so he had a lot of room to write his name.
  5. Feed the glow stick (We used the bracelet size.) into the holes.  Be very careful not to crack them!

I was inspired by Pinterest for most of their Valentines, so head on over there for more ideas.


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