Inexpensive Small Front Patio

Our house in Virginia had an awesome front patio on it, and we loved sitting out there. The house we are now living in didn’t have one. It had a sidewalk that led to our front door. I decided to save some money by creating our own inexpensive small patio. All we paid for were the plants that are in between the stones.

rock border

There was a place where they were literally digging into the side of a mountain of rock for a house, so we took my Dad’s truck to collect all kinds of rocks. We used the little rocks to line our front flower bed, and the large, mostly-flat ones were for me to make the patio. If you want a completely flat patio, I recommend buying flat rocks. For a small patio, you can still find deals for inexpensive flat stone. Ryan also loaded up a wheelbarrow with leftover sand from construction down the street (They were already done with the sand, so we were saving it from the landfill.). We have really become resourceful!

Putting Together the Puzzle

beginning to make the patio

We transplanted some bushes and then spread the sand out. Because the stones were of varying thickness, it took a little ingenuity to get them all level. We laid them out first to get the right fit. It was kind of like putting a puzzle together. Then, I started from the sidewalk and worked my way around digging up spots for each rock. The biggest trick I found was to make sure that once each rock was level, I filled in any holes underneath. This keeps them from wiggling. We added ground cover plants in between the rocks to keep the rocks from shifting.

inexpensive small patio

There’s our inexpensive small patio! I added a table set, and it was complete. My next post will be to share the table set’s transformation.

An Added Border

We have since added a border to the patio of old glass insulators. I love it! A few of them have plants weeds growing inside them, which look really cool. The insulators can be found for a few dollars depending on the color at flea markets, antique malls, and similar places. You can also see how much the plants in between the rocks have grown in this picture.

insulator edging

We love sitting out in the evening and talking to the neighbors as they go by. The boys can play out front while we enjoy the patio area.

 You can also check out our painted front door and table set makeover.


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