Bouncy Ball Valentines for the Class

Bouncy Ball Valentines | Easy Valentine for Kids

One tradition that I absolutely love in our house is creating our own Valentines to give to the boys' classes. When the boys bring their Valentines boxes home, I always enjoy looking through with them and seeing what great ideas people had! Some Valentines have been easy for the boys to make, while others have been more Mama doing it. Cuteness sometimes won out over reality of skill level, but these bouncy ball Valentines are easy and quick to do with your kids. 

You can usually find the materials for pretty low costs, and the kids can easily help assemble them. I had both boys help by creating an assembly line.

Free Bouncy Ball Valentines Topper

The great thing about this Valentine is that The Crafting Chicks shared the printable for the topper. They're so cute and say "Valentine you make my heart Bounce." Head on over there to make this even easier!

Directions for Bouncy Ball Valentines

  1. Buy your materials. I found my baggies and bouncy balls at the Dollar Tree and used white card stock for the topper.
  2. Fold the topper in half and have your children sign the backs of them before assembling. It's much easier!
  3. If you're like our family and have two children, you can have the younger child put the bouncy ball in the baggie. If you have more, you can even break it down to having one of your children open the baggie to hand to the next one.
  4. The older child can staple the topper onto the baggie depending on the age and ability to use the stapler.

How simple is that?! I don't know what it is about bouncy balls, but my boys always love them. Maybe it's a boy thing?

These Valentines were inexpensive and easy to do. They loved being able to help make them! If you are running out of time and need something, this would be a great option.

I would love to know of any cute ideas you have found or made for Valentines with your kids. Please leave a comment with a description, picture, or link for more great ideas.

I was inspired by Pinterest, so head on over there for more ideas on other Valentines and decorating ideas.


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